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Functions moved

Ok, done.


- Everything worked fine, except: the files in Functions/Misc.  I had
  found out at home that the script effectively removed them, so I
  added some code to avoid that which worked there, but not here.  So
  I had to add those functions again.  I'm awfully sorry.
- Bart put `Functions/Misc/promptnl' in that list but I don't seem to
  have it (not even before my script removed all functions that stayed 
  in Misc).  Is my checked-out version wrong or what?
- As I said this morning, I've not added _vared (but _zed).  And of
  course I haven't changed _vars because of that.
- Configure-stuff: I hope to have got everything right so that one
  directory-level from the completion directories is removed on
  installation (all Zsh/*/* functions are installed under Zsh/).  We
  decided to do it this way, right?
  I didn't change the code under `*)' in uninstallfns.sh because I
  don't understand the sed-substitution used when FUNCTIONS_SUBDIRS is 
  true.  Isn't it the wrong way round?

I'd be thankful if everyone could now have a look (and try out) their
favourite features and functions.


Sven Wischnowsky                         wischnow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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