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Re: Functions moved

On Apr 2,  3:16pm, Sven Wischnowsky wrote:
} - Everything worked fine, except: the files in Functions/Misc.  I had
}   found out at home that the script effectively removed them, so I
}   added some code to avoid that which worked there, but not here.  So
}   I had to add those functions again.  I'm awfully sorry.

Don't apologize!  The files were getting removed and added anyway.  I'm
sorry you had to do part of it by hand.

} - Bart put `Functions/Misc/promptnl' in that list but I don't seem to
}   have it (not even before my script removed all functions that stayed 
}   in Misc).  Is my checked-out version wrong or what?

No, it's sitting in my directory here at home because that's where I
edited it, but I never committed it because of the brief conversation
Zefram and I had about doing it in C code instead.  My turn to apologize.

I'll commit it after the installation kinks get unkinked.

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