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Re: PATCH: ${(k)terminfo}

On Thu, 12 Apr 2001, Bart Schaefer wrote:

> On Apr 11,  8:30pm, Clint Adams wrote:
> }
> } This rather messily gets ${(k)terminfo} and ${(kv)terminfo} to work.
> Gaah.  I didn't intend that you should put all those strings into the
> module source.  According to "man curs_terminfo" on my system:
>        char *boolnames, *boolcodes, *boolfnames
>        char *numnames, *numcodes, *numfnames
>        char *strnames, *strcodes, *strfnames
>        These null-terminated arrays  contain  the  capnames,  the
>        termcap  codes, and the full C names, for each of the ter-
>        minfo variables.
> Could we configure-check for the availability of these variables and use
> yours as fallbacks in the event that the above are not found?

As I understand, these variables contain names for *all* possible
capabilities, not just for the ones defined by actual terminal. So far,
there is no advantage in using them (they are missing here, I presume they
are pretty much ncurses specific, curs_terminfo manpage already smells by
ncurses). curses is pretty well documented and standard so we could just
as well take any available documentation and list all capabilities.


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