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Re: PATCH: Assorted parameter stuff

On Apr 19,  9:05am, Sven Wischnowsky wrote:
} Subject: Re: PATCH: Assorted parameter stuff
} Anyway, about 14008: I only found one problem with a complicated
} subscript in _arguments, line 81, which can be seen by completing after
} `./configure --<TAB>'.  14016 doesn't seem to fix it either and I didn't
} look closely enough to be able to say what exactly the problem is.

Ah ha ha ha.  See the comment on line 79 about (( )) gives a parse error?
Well, parse_subscript() calls dquote_parse(), which is the guts of (( )).

Fortunately, I think I've fixed that (including the parse error in (( )),
though I haven't checked yet).  I encountered a number of other problems
while writing D06subscript.ztst, which I've just finished, and had to fix
several very slippery problems related to interaction of parsestr() with
the (un)tokenization in getindex() and getarg().

} There may be other complicated subscripts in the completion code that
} can serve as good tests

Oh, believe me, there were.  Getting Y01completion.ztst to pass during
"make check" was what got me as far as the original patch in 13992.

However, I'm now up way past my bedtime and can't keep working on this
tonight.  Hopefully I can finish it up sometime tomorrow.

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