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Re: What about this? (was: RE: Zsh broken after the latest build patches)

Bart wrote:
> On Apr 23,  5:44pm, Peter Stephenson wrote:
> } Subject: Re: What about this? (was: RE: Zsh broken after the latest build 
> } 
> } I'd prefer, if possible, to back them off everywhere and apply them back
> } later.  The only good reason for using a branch would be to do simultaneous
> } development.  I don't think that's necessary so near to the 4.0.1 release.
> The reason to branch for a release is to separate bug fixes from feature
> additions.

We will very likely be branching to produce 4.1 (if we can find some excuse
--- probably improved parameter code).  I was hoping to delay that as late
as possible to avoid any immediate fallout from 4.0.1 having to be applied
twice.  But if the termcap stuff gets re-applied soon, and can't be
resolved, we may be back where you suggest.  I would hope it wouldn't be
important enough to hold off until a separate development branch.

It's easy --- probably easier --- to branch after the release if necessary,
so I don't think this is a big worry.

> I looked briefly at the getindex() double-quote thing I mentioned [try to
> eliminate the strchr()] and found that in fact the callers of getindex()
> generally are NOT equipped to say whether the call was in double-quotes.
> I'd have to add an argument to fetchvalue() as well [or a new PM_ flag]
> to propagate `qt' down from paramsubst().  A new PM_ flag might not be a
> bad idea ... any thoughts?

You mean a PM_ flag that doesn't get stored with parameters, just used when
substituting?  It could certainly be useful.

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