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Re: Make Failure on SunOS-4.1

On Apr 25, 10:55am, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} Subject: Re: Make Failure on SunOS-4.1
} I don't want to produce a `final' pre-release until the termcap problems
} have gone.  Is there something else to back out?

We could back out the `termcap' parameter entirely, and we could back out
the ability to use ${(k)terminfo} -- those were the changes that started
requiring the ncurses header files to be included even on systems that
have the old termcap as well.

Or we could change the termcap-search-order in configure.in to always try
to find ncurses first, and skip defining HAVE_TERMCAP_H when we find the
ncurses headers.  (My understanding is that in the distant past of zsh,
there were some who objected to linking the shell against curses when it
would be sufficient to link against termcap, because curses is bloated.)

Or we could add another --enable flag, which switches between the two
states described above (in which case it should probably disable the
terminfo parameter entirely rather than just crippling it).

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