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Re: Make Failure on SunOS-4.1

> We could back out the `termcap' parameter entirely, and we could back out
> the ability to use ${(k)terminfo} -- those were the changes that started
> requiring the ncurses header files to be included even on systems that
> have the old termcap as well.

Or, since I think that the only dependency on term.h is for the
{bool,num,str}codes, those could be made static under whatever
circumstances would call for that.
> Or we could change the termcap-search-order in configure.in to always try
> to find ncurses first, and skip defining HAVE_TERMCAP_H when we find the
> ncurses headers.  (My understanding is that in the distant past of zsh,
> there were some who objected to linking the shell against curses when it
> would be sufficient to link against termcap, because curses is bloated.)
> Or we could add another --enable flag, which switches between the two
> states described above (in which case it should probably disable the
> terminfo parameter entirely rather than just crippling it).

All of these seem reasonable to me.

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