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Termcap saga

After updating and reconfiguring from scratch on cygwin with
--disable-dynamic I now get

Modules/termcap.o(.text+0xad): undefined reference to `_imp__tgetnum'
Modules/termcap.o(.text+0xf1): undefined reference to `_imp__tgetflag'
Modules/termcap.o(.text+0x134): undefined reference to `_imp__tgetstr'
Modules/termcap.o(.text+0x27c): undefined reference to `_imp__tputs'
Modules/termcap.o(.text+0x2ff): undefined reference to `_imp__tgoto'
Modules/termcap.o(.text+0x30d): undefined reference to `_imp__tputs'
Modules/termcap.o(.text+0x594): undefined reference to `_imp__tgetnum'
Modules/termcap.o(.text+0x5e1): undefined reference to `_imp__tgetflag'
Modules/termcap.o(.text+0x654): undefined reference to `_imp__tgetstr'
Modules/termcap.o(.text+0xd0f): undefined reference to `_imp__tgetflag'
Modules/termcap.o(.text+0xdb7): undefined reference to `_imp__tgetnum'
Modules/termcap.o(.text+0xe42): undefined reference to `_imp__tgetstr'

What do I do about this?  The link line is

gcc -g   -o zsh.exe main.o zsh.res.o `cat stamp-modobjs`   -ltermcap -lm -L/g/bc01/bc01/devHost/HostStack -lzframe -lc

(the extra library I added is irrelevant here).  Somehow the termcap module
seems to think it has to import the symbols, which in this case it doesn't.
config.modules has

name=zsh/termcap modfile=Src/Modules/termcap.mdd link=static auto=yes load=yes
name=zsh/terminfo modfile=Src/Modules/terminfo.mdd link=static auto=yes load=yes

I haven't been following all this closely enough to see where the problem
might be.  Should terminfo really be being linked if curses isn't in use?

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