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RE: Export problem

Oh God! I am awfully sorry for confusion I caused ...

> > It's a bit ambiguous, it does say `command substitution' which always
> > implies word-splitting of unquoted words.  But you can take the
> reference
> > to `variable assignment' at the start to imply the result
> remains part of
> > the variable assignment.  And the question for us is really what POSIX
> > says.
> It says that the shell is to do field splitting after parameter
> expansion, command substitution, and arithmetic expansion,
> provided double quotes are not involved.  More or less.

What do you mean "more or less"? Was 14716 unclear? "Variable assignment" is
strictly defined grammar construct. No more and no less. In

foo=bar bla bla bar=baz

foo=bar is variable assignment and bar=baz is command argument.

> I'm not sure that that clears things up, since I interpret
> the meaning of `word' in ${x:=word}, x=word, and export x=word
> to be the pre-expanded word.

I was under impression that we've already cleaned that up. Anyway, I do not
understand what "pre-expanded" word is. POSIX shell never mentions this so
it does not clears up anything. Speaking of the above:

- in ${x:=word} word is *never* splitted irrespectively of where it appears
and if it is quoted
- x=word is not splitted (should I add "never"?)
- in export x=word the whole `x=word' is field splitted unless quoted.


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