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Re: Modules dependencies RE: PATCH: zftp/tcp abstraction

On Jun 7,  5:35pm, Andrej Borsenkow wrote:
} No, I believe, the simplest solution is to have modele.dep for every
} module.so. There may be some other things to put into (think about
} autoloaded stuff - it would enable you to just drop module into directory
} and let zsh scan $module_path on startup to add autoloaded objects)

That is exactly what I would NOT want to have happen.  Can you imagine
the confusion if zsh automatically discovered that `mv' should be loaded
from the files module?  I don't want zsh automatically picking up any
module I haven't explicitly told it about, thank you very much.

} One question - I do not quite understand logic in load_module. It looks like
} if module not found
}   load module
} load module
} One of these 'load module' looks redundant?

Look closely at the `if module not found' block.  It's possible that the
module may be linked but not loaded (no "handle") in that block.  In that
case a second call to load_module() will find the module, but still needs
to perform the actual loading.

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