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Re: zsh 4.0.1 make check failures on irix, freebsd, solaris, aix, linux

Timothy Miller wrote:

Some more details then:

the zsh linking command from "CC=cc ./configure --prefix=/cs" is

LD_RUN_PATH=/cs/lib/zsh cc -qlanglvl=ansi  -s  -o zsh main.o libzsh-4.0.1.so -ldl -lcurses -lm  -lc

The error that produces on trying to run the resulting zsh is

exec(): 0509-036 Cannot load program ./zsh because of the following errors:
        0509-022 Cannot load library libzsh-4.0.1.so.
0509-026 System error: A file or directory in the path name does not exist.

I changed the link line to

cc -qlanglvl=ansi  -s  -o zsh main.o  -L/cs/lib/zsh libzsh-4.0.1.so -ldl -lcurses -lm  -lc

which produced the zsh that just segfaulted. It turns out it doesn't
segfault if you don't install any modules and run it with -f, but does if
the modules are installed or -f isn't given.

Timothy, have you tried my patch? I am pretty sure, the actual problem is that we still need export files even in case of dlopen() (libtool documentation mentions, that shared objects on AIX must self-contained; we try outsmart it :-).

Options (-bOptions)

The following values are possible for the Options variable of the -b flag. You
can list more than one option after the -b flag, separating them with a single


Alas, you omitted the most interesting part - system-specific options ...

LIBPATH If LIBPATH is defined, its value is used as the default libary path
information. Otherwise, the default library path information is /usr/lib:/lib.
If no -L flags are specified and no -blibpath option is specified, the default
library path information is written in the loader section of the output file.
Regardless of any options specified, LIBPATH is not used when searching for
libraries that are specified from the command line.

That would be very useful if we needed libzsh - but Oliver said, we did not need it even on 3.x version - so I guess we do not need it here as well.


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