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Re: Export problem

--- Andrej Borsenkow <Andrej.Borsenkow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> P.S.  What is the latest line of thought about the Export
>> splitting problem?  To fix or not to fix?
> It is not bug - it complies with standards. Granted, there are
> compatibility issues (both ksh and bash behave the way you
> desire), but so far you are the first person to note it :-)
> That does not mean I am opposed to "fixing" it - I just have
> no idea how easy (or difficult) it is.
> -andrej

I appreciate you considering this for a fix (if possible). 
Thank you for pointing out that it is not a bug per the
standard.  As for compatibility, I work in a lab that mixes the
use of ksh88, sh-posix, bash, and zsh.  The line that found this
incompatibility is an environment setup script, and I'll attempt
to the line to conform to the SUS.  Zsh is an awesome shell and
I appreciate all the efforts made to by you guys.


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