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Re: AIX-problem: the main module won't link statically

On Tue, 12 Jun 2001, Oliver Kiddle wrote:

> Andrej wrote:
> > Oliver, is it possible to compile zsh with gcc on AIX? I understand,
> > currently it is assumed that we use native compiler. Or does gcc support
> > the same options as native compiler?
> I never tried it. The AIX machines were on an isolated network so I'd
> have had to split gcc across a pile of floppies to get it over which I
> never felt inclined to do. What I can tell you is that gcc would not
> support the same options as the native compiler. For example, I expect
> that to achieve the -L option which Timothy described in 14825, it would
> need something like -Wl,-rpath,/cs/lib/zsh.

Doesn't work here with 2.8.1..

P.S. now I've discovered another problem with AIX; static zsh doesn't
display 8-bit characters correctly if zpty is configured link=static to
the default config.modules. Also "ls" etc. that print to the terminal are

theremin zsh-4.0.1 1 % ls
ChangeLog            README               config.modules-orig
Src                  config.status
                                    ChangeLog.3.0        StartupFiles
        Completion           Test                 configure
Util                 configure.in
                                 Doc                  acconfig.h
            Etc                  aclocal.m4           conftest1.c
aczsh.m4             conftest1.o
                                      INSTALL              config.cache
           LICENCE              config.guess         install-sh
config.h             mkinstalldirs
                                      Makefile             config.h.in
       Makefile.in          config.log           stamp-h.in
config.modules       typescript

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