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Re: bracket expressions and POSIX

On Jul 2, 10:13am, Andrej Borsenkow wrote:
} Subject: RE: bracket expressions and POSIX
} Where zsh really violates POSIX:
} ==
} Since each asterisk matches zero or more occurrences, the patterns a*b and
} a**b have identical functionality
} ==

Of course, a*b and a**b do have identical functionality.  ** only becomes
special when it has a slash after it.  I suppose SH_GLOB could disable it.

} Another point is using collating elements, ranges etc ... anything that
} has to deal with locale.

I've lost track of what happened to the strcoll() situation since PWS's
regex-like implementation of globbing was put in.  There used to be #if 0
code in glob.c (as of workers/7185) but it has completely disappeared.

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