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Re: Nasty bug in array-element typeset assignments

Borsenkow Andrej wrote:
> Commit log does not have article number, but diffs are here:

Going by the commit date, I can't find an associated message in the

> > Really? So what would it do? Make the whole foo array local or just the
> > first element? Clearly neither works.
> Probably, intent was to create new local array.

Urgh. Is that really that useful? I think it'd be better to save the
extra mess in the code and disallow it with roughly what you get by
adding this:

       } else if (on & PM_LOCAL && locallevel) {
                   "%s, can't create local array elements", pname, 0);
           return NULL;

after the similar bit for readonly inside the strchr(pname, '[') test in

Also, if this is fixed to make the whole array local but the fix is
complicated then this small change might be a good option for the 4.0

Incidentally, I get a couple of test failures with the latest CVS - on
with _arguments and the other for posixbuiltins.


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