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Re: /usr/local/bin/perl

On Aug 16,  3:12pm, Adam Spiers wrote:
} Subject: Re: /usr/local/bin/perl
} > } If we use configure, presumably that would mean having (say)
} > } Utils/helpfiles auto-generated from Utils/helpfiles.in?  My vote is
} > } for that option.
} > 
} > Yes, that would be it, but my vote is still to avoid mucking with this
} > in configure.  Maybe something like the following, run through the
} > just-compiled zsh?
} I suppose that's fine, as long as it wouldn't mess things up if you
} ran it twice.  I still slightly prefer going via configure, as that
} way you're not altering CVS files.  You probably have a more
} convincing argument the other way though :-)

Strangely enough, I don't, or at least not directly.

I just think it's a waste of effort.  None of those files actually gets
installed anywhere (except the two in Functions/Misc, and they really
are meant to be shell functions and shouldn't have a #! line at all,
nor should "reporter" for that matter).  If they *were* installed, I'd
recommend fixing the #! as part of the installation process; but they
aren't, so there's no reason to have a separate (and nonfunctional)
"source" file as well as a "compiled" one.

So I'm willing to bend a little and provide a way for you to fix them
up if you want to install them yourself, but I don't want more clutter
in the source tree and the configure script if we aren't going to make
installing them a part of the regular build process.

Even if there were separate source and compiled files, I still wouldn't
want to do it with configure.  A "make"-time transformation with a little
script like the one I supplied would be sufficient.

(Looking back at your original message, I'm curious how Util/helpfiles
manages to appear twice with two different #! lines.)

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