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Re: differences between the two branches

} Could go if not too much work
} ============================
} > only in current/ChangeLog: 15812
} > only in current/ChangeLog: 15702
} > only in current/ChangeLog: 15676
} > only in current/ChangeLog: 15488
} > only in current/ChangeLog: 15375
} > only in current/ChangeLog: 15057
} > only in current/ChangeLog: 15023, 15027
} > only in current/ChangeLog: 15038

I've patched in all of these, run "make" and "make check", and fixed up
a few problems (like "ZTST_execchunk" instead of "(eval)" in some of
the tests).

Given the difflog script, which I think I'll commit in Util/ on the trunk
if no one objects, I decided to lump all the log entries under today's
date-stamp; I can spread them around later if we think that's the right
way to go.

I did find a couple of minor problems:  Test/Y0* don't abort following
a failure in the %prep section, rather they go on and fail at the first
test.  They report a failure of %prep, but don't stop.  I haven't done
anything about that yet, but if/when it's fixed, there are couple of
small tweaks needed to Test/Y0*.

} > only in current/ChangeLog: 15354
} Bart: Doc indexing, useful but I don't know how hard this is to transfer.

This looks a bit icky because it's so many files.  I'll commit what I
have so far and then see if this will apply as a patch; there are too
many files to try using ediff.

} My brain hurts just thinking about it
} =====================================
} > only in current/ChangeLog: 15836
} > only in current/ChangeLog: 15806
} > only in current/ChangeLog: 15809
} Wayne: `r' problem reported by Bart.  Dunno if this was in 4.0.

This was in every version of zsh back to before 2.xx, as I recall.  It
should go in if possible.

} > only in current/ChangeLog: 15198
} Bart: _tilde return value, OK if applicable, but may well not be.

I put it in, though it had to change very slightly.  It's not as important
in 4.0 because _cd doesn't call _tilde, but it was still wrong as it was.
} > only in current/ChangeLog: 15060
} Bart: A02alias: can't keep track of whether this applies or not.

There are two entries for 15060:

	* 15060: Test/A02alias.ztst: Change expected return value to
	account for 15050.

	* 15060: Test/Y01completion.ztst, Test/Y02compmatch.ztst,
	Test/Y03arguments.ztst, Test/comptest: Abandon the tests during
	the %prep section if the zpty module can't be loaded.	

The second one applies (it had to, in order for 15676 to apply), but the
first one only applies if:
} > only in current/ChangeLog: 15050, 15054
} Bart: POSIX exit statuses.  Change of behaviour, so not sure.

These I didn't put in, so I didn't put in the first part of 15060 either.

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