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Re: printf

Oliver Kiddle wrote:
> As Peter suggested a while back, the ideal would be to update
> convfloat() and convbase() to be flexible enough to do the outputting.
> Currently convfloat() just uses printf(3). Does anyone know of any
> established algorithms for converting floats to their ASCII
> representations? Or does anyone have any suitable code I could crib? I
> expect that something of this sort exists and would be better than
> whatever I might re-invent.

Ideally, you should fcvt(), gcvt() and ecvt(), which handle locales as well
as hiding the details of the conversion.  They are almost certainly widely
enough available to make it worth getting configure to detect them.
Unfortunately, you still need a fallback --- maybe the current set of
fudges using printf(3) is enough for that.

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