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Re: new SourceForge terms

 --- Clint Adams <clint@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> > Do we want to keep zsh hosted at SourceForge?  For me personally,
> item 1
> > alone is enough to want to remove my account.  Item 5 also seems
> pretty
> > serious, and 2-4 are dangerous.

None of the items particularly bother me - we'll still hear about
changes to the terms and could remove our accounts fairly fast if need
be. I don't have any particular objections to moving the zsh hosting
though either.

> I think we'd probably have little to lose by pre-emptively moving to
> savannah/subversions at gnu.org, however, and it seems a pretty good
> bet
> that corporate whims will not be threatening their quality of their
> services.

I'd have reservations about using savannah. When it was new, they only
allowed GPL programs and though I think that has changed, I'd feel that
we'd not be entirely welcome. For cvs, it might be best to first ask
Sunsite Denmark seeing as they already host the mailing lists and web
pages. If not there then the sources.redhat offer is very generous. 

> If we are willing to forego the other SourceForge services as well,
> I'm pretty sure I could find us several other places to keep our CVS
> repository. 

I don't care about losing the tracker. The compile farm is useful but
we could leave the project open on sourceforge for anyone who doesn't
mind keeping their sf user account. We should ensure that we have some
way of taking backups of the cvs repository though. I'd also miss the
cvs daily snapshots when I only have access through a web proxy server
(such as now).


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