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Re: PATCH: _netcat

} nc conflicts with _nedit.  On Debian this isn't an issue
} (nedit's nc is distributed as nedit-nc), so the compdef
} line in _nedit can be changed accordingly.
} Elsewhere, I can't think of a good solution.

The one thing we *can't* do is leave `#compdef nc' in *both* of them, as
has been the case since you checked in _netcat.  If it's in both of them,
the one that is chosen for `nc' will vary depending on whether zsh was
configured with --enable-function-subdirs.

What if we were to create a new Completion/X/Command/_nc that contains:

#compdef -p *X*/nc
_nedit "$@"

This would mean that if the `nc' found first in the user's path were under
a directory with `X' in its name, it would complete as if for _nedit, else
it will use the `nc' compdef from _netcat.

Then we'd change the #compdef in _nedit to read

#compdef nedit nedit-nc

or whatever is appropriate.

Anybody foresee problems with this?

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