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Re: PATCH: _netcat

On Sun, Mar 10, 2002 at 10:25:51PM +0000, Bart Schaefer wrote:
> } nc conflicts with _nedit.  On Debian this isn't an issue
> } (nedit's nc is distributed as nedit-nc), so the compdef
> } line in _nedit can be changed accordingly.

Argh. I knew this would happen sooner or later and was hoping nobody
would write an _netcat.

> The one thing we *can't* do is leave `#compdef nc' in *both* of them, as


> #compdef -p *X*/nc
> _nedit "$@"

I don't really like that. I tend to have nc in ~/bin or /usr/local
because distributions tend to link nedit against lesstif instead of real
motif and because I often have newer versions out of cvs.
Admittedly, I can work around it with a compdef in my .zshrc but I don't
like that.

What I would suggest is that we use something like the is_gnu tests in
_netcat which runs nc -h and looks for something like *connect*.
_netcat can then call _nedit if appropriate.

I also think it would be pertinent to rename _is_gnu to something like
_cmd_variant and use the value gnu instead of yes. Does that sound

> Then we'd change the #compdef in _nedit to read
> #compdef nedit nedit-nc

Mandrake uses ncl. If anyone has SuSE, could they please check what it
does. I'm fairly unsure but I think they used `netcat' for netcat.
Certainly, I don't remember having problems with the name clash when I
used it.

I'll also check what is going on in the latest nedit cvs because a few
months ago there was a discussion about renaming nc to nedit and nedit
to nedit-server or of making the main nedit program act as a server by


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