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Re: what is removing the space after completion and before "|"?

Derek Peschel wrote:

> ...
> I mean I haven't run compinit or compctl, I'm just using the built-in
> options.

Oi. I see. That builtin stuff is actually compctl used internally when
no other completion code was loaded while processing the init files.

Use the new completion system to really see suffixes in action (with
all their problems).

> ...
> Now I suspect the makesuffix function.  I think what's happening is this:

Yes, that one is used to register that there was a suffix added, n
characters long, which should automatically be removed when some space
or one of the characters that separates commands is typed next.

(So, if you just want to get rid of that auto-removal when inserting
`|', `&' or `;', just uncomment/remove these at zle_misc.c:881, but
don't expect us to include that patch in the distribution ;-)

maksuffix()'s brothers and sisters are used to register more
complicated types of suffixes.

I'm currently trying to collect my ideas about suffixes and will
eventually come up with a list and a description of how I think all of
this could be implemented.


Sven Wischnowsky                          wischnow@xxxxxxxxx

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