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Re: _mount linux centric?

>> Mainly because the same file is called /etc/mntab rather than /etc/mtab.
> It's mnttab that's Solaris-centric, not _mount that's linux-centric.
> There are lots of other platforms that use mtab.

My mistake.  Those are the two OS's that I'm most familiar with.

>> I'm not good enough to translate the function.
> I don't know what $OSTYPE is set to on Solaris 8 (I only have access to
> an old SunOS 5.5 machine), but I suspect the `freesbsd*' clause in the
> `case "$OSTYPE"' statement near the end of _mount will work just as well
> on Solaris, so just add an appropriate word to that pattern.

$OSTYPE for solaris 8 is "solaris2.8"

(As an aside, I've mentioned this before, but I have access to LOTS of sun
boxes.  If given some time, I can probably get to testing things pretty

I'll try and work on _mount tomorrow.


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