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Re: Directory Name ?Bug

On Apr 15,  9:25am, Adam McNeeney wrote:
} Subject: Directory Name ?Bug
} When I tab complete/type in with appropriate backslashes a directory
} name containing a single ' charocter and a space gets the complaint
} that there is an unmatched ' and brings you back to the prompt.

First question, are you using the "new" completion system (loaded from
your startup files with `compinit') or are you using default completion
(based on the `compctl' command)?

If you're using `compinit', then instead of TAB, type ctrl-X and then a
question mark.  This will dump a debugging trace of the completion attempt
to a file in /tmp.  (There's no such facility with default completion.)

Does the "unmatched" error affect every command after which you attempt to
complete this directory, or only for `cd' commands, or ...?

} The only way that I have found to do anything with this directory is
} to escape appropriate characters _and_ put it in double quotes.

Define "do anything."  Does something go wrong in a case other than tab
completion?  *Exactly* what are you trying to complete -- the directory
name itself, or files inside that directory (where the whole directory
name is already on the command line)?

} e.g.:
} File name: don't stop
} How I tried to refer to it: don\'t\ stop
} How I had to refer to it: "don\'t\ stop"

This is not enough information.  We need to see the entire and exact
string that is present at the zsh prompt right before you press TAB.

} If it's useful, I'm using zsh 4.0.4.

The zsh version number is always essential.

I can't reproduce the behavior you describe, but I really don't know if
I'm trying the same things you are.

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