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Re: Modules build framework/autoconf-2.13

Borsenkow Andrej wrote:
> Here is suggested change in modules build procedure. It does not strictly
> speaking require autoconf-2.5x but it makes it much more easier and
> consistent.
> Every module is locate in own subdirectory. .mdd file specifies
> - usual stuff (dependencies, file, etc)
> - Makefile.in fragment
> - configure.in fragment
> preconfig script walks source directory and in every directory with *.mdd
> creates
> - Makefile.in (using standard template and adding fragment from .mdd)
> - configure.in ( -"- )
> preconfig also collects names of all subdirectories and adds them (via
> inclusion) to top-level configure.in that is then using it to recursivly
> call generated module's configure. Then it runs autoconf to create configure
> in all subdirectories.

Sounds quite reasonable.  It might make it more difficult to handle
problems with include file location and dependencies on other modules,
but that's currently not all that robust.  Possibly the directory
structure could reflect this, dependencies living in higher directories.
(Doesn't help multiple dependencies, though.)

It would be neatest if it were possible to add an new module and add its
tools without regenerating the whole set, i.e. looping over separate
configure files rather than appending them to the main one.

Subdirectories ought to be subdirectories of Modules, not directly of
Src.  I don't know what would happen with Zle.

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