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RE: Modules build framework/autoconf-2.13

> Sounds quite reasonable. 

Oh well :-)

> It might make it more difficult to handle
> problems with include file location and dependencies on other modules,
> but that's currently not all that robust.  Possibly the directory
> structure could reflect this, dependencies living in higher
> (Doesn't help multiple dependencies, though.)

What I plan is to first collect modules list then sort them before
generating Makefile.in's. This way you know all dependencies in advance
(or dependencies loop for that matter).

> It would be neatest if it were possible to add an new module and add
> tools without regenerating the whole set, i.e. looping over separate
> configure files rather than appending them to the main one.

Sure! That is what configure does. Of course, 2.5x does not cache by
default which means it will rerun the whole configure(s) (unless you
have told it to create cache).

> Subdirectories ought to be subdirectories of Modules, not directly of
> Src.  I don't know what would happen with Zle.

The same. Move it as modules under Modules. It is not in any way

Would it be O.K. to get rid of autoconf 2.13 compatibility? 


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