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Re: PATCH: zselect builtin.

Peter Stephenson wrote:
> Here's a builtin to act as a front end to a `select' system call.

I've committed this, with subtle changes over the form I posted mostly as
indicated in previous postings.  I've added `-A assoc' for associative
array handling.

It's still called zselect, and still lives in zsh/zselect.  I'm happy to
consider more logical overall naming, but until then I don't see any
point in introducing new conventions piecemeal.  (Another argument
against tying the name more closely to the system call is that it is
possible and probably useful to provide an alternative implementation
based on poll().)

Warning:  I used this overnight as part of a test and there seems to be
a memory leak somewhere, not necessarily zselect itself (where I can't
see where it would be).  I was using ztcp, but it was the same TCP
connection all the time, so I don't think that's it either.  It's just
possible I was accumulating some humongous array, but I couldn't see
where that would have been, either.  Unfortunately I had to kill the
shell because I made it uninteruptible.

Another note: the zmodload manual page is written to imply that having a
module name the same as a builtin, or other autoloadable entity, is
useful.  As far as I can see, this is never the case now, due to the
hierarchical naming.  It might be better to remove this feature or at
least add implied aliasing into the zsh/* name segment when there's only
one argument.  (You can add module aliases by hand, but it takes away
the point of the shortcut.)

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