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Module loading by name (Re: PATCH: zselect builtin.)

On May 8,  2:26pm, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} Another note: the zmodload manual page is written to imply that having a
} module name the same as a builtin, or other autoloadable entity, is
} useful.  As far as I can see, this is never the case now, due to the
} hierarchical naming.

I can create my own local modules that ignore the hierarchical naming, and
use it for that.  The "zsh/" hierarchy was only supposed to be for modules
that were distributed as part of the zsh sources, after all, and the whole
point of hierarchical naming was so that people could create other modules
that weren't part of the distribution.

} It might be better to remove this feature or at
} least add implied aliasing into the zsh/* name segment when there's only
} one argument.

I actually use flat module names on a daily basis; implicit aliasing into
the zsh hierarchy would break it.  I use flat names when running the zsh
binary out of a dynamically linked build tree, where the modules are not
yet relocated into a single zsh/ subdirectory and instead I have to point
the module_path at the individual module directories in order to find the
shared objects.

} (You can add module aliases by hand, but it takes away
} the point of the shortcut.)

I have no objection to removing the autoloading shortcut, but NOT by having
the names automatically aliased into the zsh/ hierarchy.

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