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RE: completion in quotes - " vs ' - no suffix added

> Bart Schaefer wrote:
> > ...
> >
> > Sven, what you're missing is that although the result is correct
> > you execute the command, the completion is not correct while the
> > line is being built.  That is, if the completion system is going to
> > the file name `a\ b' into the string `"a\\ b"' when it inserts it on
> > line, then `compset -q' should also UNDO the backslash-doubling
> > when the quote character is a double-quote, so that it's possible to
> > correctly complete the file path on the second and subsequent calls
> > the completion system.
> (Sorry for the delay, I was away on Thursday and Friday.)
> (Also sorry for being so bone-headed. Ahem.)
> Whew, this was pretty complicated, we have to special-case this stuff.
> Because a quoting a single quote inserts more single quotes. This
> wasn't even handled correctly (in the case that there was one quoted
> single quote in the string) by get_comp_string().
> The patch below should fix it. At least it does for the pretty
> complicated cases I tried.

I do not see any difference with this patch. As before, listing
pathnames with spaces in single quotes correctly adds slash to
directories and in double quotes adds nothing.


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