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Re: read timeout argument || completion of a function

On Aug 11, 10:54pm, Bruno Bonfils wrote:
} i'm very surprised to observe there isn't timeout argument for read
} builtin function.

There are certain aspects of the arms race in which ksh is currently
ahead.  I suppose when it gets a builtin to launch satellites we'll have
to start working on moon landers.

Meanwhile, if you install 4.1.0-dev-5 you can use the zselect builtin.

} Moreover, i'm looking the way for provide completion for a function :

This has nothing to do with wanting read to time out, right?

} First of all, i want to be sure i _can't_ define the default
} completion tag with zstyle for a command which don't have
} _command completion function (default tag called is _files isn't it
} ?).

You seem to be a bit confused about what's a tag and what's a completion
function.  The default completion is what is called when there isn't any
other completion defined, and it is implemented by a function that is
named _default, which happens to call another function named _files.

The _files function looks for zstyles using several different tags; the
most general of these is "all-files", which is effectively the default
tag used for completion in the absence of any other configuration.
} I have also try to write a just little function _myping which contains 
} #compdef myping
} _arguments '*:hostname:_hosts'
} but myping <tab> provide file completion, and _myping <tab> hosts
} completion.

One doesn't normally type the name of a completion function on the command
line; it's meant to be called only by the completion system (that's why it
has a leading underscore in the name).  If `_myping <TAB>' gives host
completion, you've somehow gotten _myping set up to complete for itself,
or some such.  Are you certain that the _myping file has `#compdef myping'
and not `#compdef _myping'?

You could get rid of your _myping function and instead use the command
`compdef myping=ping' which says to complete for myping the same way as
for ping ...

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