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Re: read timeout argument || completion of a function

"Bart Schaefer" <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> On Aug 11, 10:54pm, Bruno Bonfils wrote:
> } 
> } i'm very surprised to observe there isn't timeout argument for
> } read builtin function.
> There are certain aspects of the arms race in which ksh is currently
> ahead.  I suppose when it gets a builtin to launch satellites we'll
> have to start working on moon landers.
I'm don't sure to understanding you at all. (maybe my sentence is
meaningless ?) 

So, do you think it's difficult to add this argument to read builtin
function ? 

> Meanwhile, if you install 4.1.0-dev-5 you can use the zselect
> builtin.

Ok, i note that
> } Moreover, i'm looking the way for provide completion for a
> } function :
> This has nothing to do with wanting read to time out, right?

> } First of all, i want to be sure i _can't_ define the default
> } completion tag with zstyle for a command which don't have _command
> } completion function (default tag called is _files isn't it ?).
> You seem to be a bit confused about what's a tag and what's a

hmm, i think i understand differences between tag completion and
command completion

> completion function.  The default completion is what is called when
> there isn't any other completion defined, and it is implemented by a
> function that is named _default, which happens to call another
> function named _files.

hmm ok, i understand now. So, in this case, it's possible to change
the function which called by _default for only one command using
zstyle ?

i'm very sorry to ask and ask again about style, but i want to
understand all.
> One doesn't normally type the name of a completion function on the
> command line; it's meant to be called only by the completion system
> (that's why it has a leading underscore in the name).  If `_myping
> <TAB>' gives host completion, you've somehow gotten _myping set up
> to complete for itself, or some such.  Are you certain that the
> _myping file has `#compdef myping' and not `#compdef _myping'?

sure, in fact i have :

% vi .zshrc
source .zsh/rc/functions.rc

fpath=($HOME/.zsh/functions $fpath)

% vi .zsh/rc/functions.rc

upgrade () {
    if [ -z $1 ] ; then
        sudo apt-get update
        sudo apt-get -u upgrade
        echo "sudo apt-get update" | ssh $1
        # ask before the upgrade
        local dummy
        echo "sudo apt-get --no-act upgrade" | ssh $1
        echo -n "Process the upgrade ?"
        read -q dummy
        if [[ $dummy == "y" ]] ; then
            echo "sudo apt-get -u upgrade --yes"

% vi .zsh/functions/_upgrade

#compdef upgrade

_arguments '*:hostname:_hosts'

% zcompile _upgrade

source .zshrc

upgrade <tab>

_upgrade <tab>

Thank you very much for your help, and sorry for the disturb.
(btw sorry for the post to zsh-workers instead of users)

Bruno Bonfils

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