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Re: scp completion


Oliver Kiddle wrote [2002/09/03 11:11]:
> On 2 Sep, you wrote:
> > 
> > zsh's completion for scp lacks a feature :)
> > That doesn't work when I have to use "-P" to scp:
> > 
> > scp -P 2222 foo@bar:/some/path<TAB>
> Yes, we need to pass the port number on to the ssh command used to get
> the list of files to complete.
> > Is there any chance that this feature will be implemented soon or
> Patch below should do it.
> Can anyone think of which if any of the other scp options should be
> passed on? I've got it to also pass on -1,-2,-4 and -6.

Uhm, yes. I need also -F :-)

Tried to add that one, but somehow it didn't work. Can't have a
look at that one now, will have to wait until later...

> Oliver


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