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Re: Overeager completion?

On 22 Nov, Danek Duvall wrote:
> % zsh -f
> % mkdir /tmp/foo
> % cd /tmp/foo
> % mkdir a b
> % touch a/{1,2,3,4}

> % autoload -U compinit
> % compinit
> % ls ../^D
> a/  b/
> % ls ..//^D
> 1   2   3   4

That's a feature. See the documentation for the squeeze-slashes style in
the manual:
         If  set  to `true', sequences of slashes (as in `foo//bar') will
         be treated as if they were only one slash when completing path-
         names.   This is the usual behaviour of UNIX paths.  However, by
         default the file completion function behaves as if there were  a
         `*' between the slashes.

So if you don't like it, set squeeze-slashes to true.
> Oops.  Then, for good measure, hit ^C twice to quit the shell.  :)

That could be a bug. Seems to occur after any ^D used to list choices.


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