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Re: PATCH: `print -C' column spacing

DervishD wrote:
>     Just a slightly related question O:). When will be zsh have a new
> release with all those cool patches that I've been seeing lately?

Very good question.  Very, very good question.  Yes.  Errr...

The original answer was `when we've added all the great new features
we're going to add'.  Since this seems to be infinitely delayed ---
certainly anything I was planning on doing --- we could probably aim to
get out what we have early next year.

I have a pile of scripts as a front end to the tcp stuff which are
reasonably stable since I've been using them every day for months.
However, they need documenting.  Apart from that, there's nothing I'm
likely to get done any time soon.

It would be really nice to sort out the library dependencies, but that
needs thought as well as action.

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