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Re: PATCH: `print -C' column spacing

    Hi Peter :)

> >     Just a slightly related question O:). When will be zsh have a new
> > release with all those cool patches that I've been seeing lately?
> Very good question.  Very, very good question.  Yes.  Errr...

    Well, you now, there's no need to hurry up. It's just that I'm in
love with this dammit shell ;)) and I'm impatient for a new release
with even more power and cool things O:))

    All zsh-workers are doing a very good job. My Linux have changed
a lot since I dropped bash ;))

    BTW, I still maintain a featureless copy of bash as my /bin/sh,
since all brain-damaged shell scripts from GNU still use non portable
bashisms, although they claim Bourne compatibility... :(( When I
release a shell script, I write it portably, without any -ism, but
I'm sure that if I ever need to write a non-portable one, I'll do
with Zsh. More features, less bloat.


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author