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Re: Dynamically adding to $mailpath?

On Bart wrote:
> On Dec 19,  3:44pm, Borzenkov Andrey wrote:
> } 
> } And leaving just one of modifiers results in zsh: unknown file attribute.
> It's a simple parsing issue.  The double-quotes aren't significant to the
> glob parser, so the colons cause the parse tokens to be

Oops, sorry. I should have thought to try that.

> It causes a seg fault immediately in 4.0.6, so it's something that changed
> after 4.0.2.

I've just checked again and it does crash 4.0.2. It just takes a few
runs, depending on the files in the current directory as it is doing
  : *(e:'a=( * )':)
seems to be sufficient. I suppose the filename generation code doesn't
like being called recursively.


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