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Re: bash convert: new completion system skeleton?

John Buttery <john@xxxxxx>:

>   I second that; I realize that zsh's new zstyle stuff is more powerful
> inherently than bash's system, but still I see almost-daily updates to
> the "bash-completion" project on freshmeat with new stuff and it would
> be great to be able to use it.

sorry, i've been googling and even searching freshmeat (returns more
then 100 bash-related projects!) for this "bash-completion" project.

could someone please post the URL?  maybe i can send them something
they don't already have.

i do almost all repetitive tasks with completers, because my memory
serves me not, and my typing is adequate (to the memory).  i start
with aliases, sometimes make them into scripts, and finally i make
the completer.  couldn't live without it, and once you get the hang
of it, it's quite easy.

btw, has somebody pointers to the "Reactive Keyboard"?  i have a
severly hacked version that doesn't want to run on my freebsd, and
the version i could make to run was slow and the code was ugly.  but
its prediction (by looking at the history of what a user types)
worked astonishingly well.


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