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Re: bash convert: new completion system skeleton?

--- Clemens Fischer <ino-qc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> sorry, i've been googling and even searching freshmeat (returns more
> then 100 bash-related projects!) for this "bash-completion" project.
> could someone please post the URL?  maybe i can send them something
> they don't already have.
Not sure why you didn't find it, maybe the dash:
Home page: 
Freshmeat project page:  (Contains comments, including some by Oliver and other

> btw, has somebody pointers to the "Reactive Keyboard"?  i have a
> severly hacked version that doesn't want to run on my freebsd, and
> the version i could make to run was slow and the code was ugly.  but
> its prediction (by looking at the history of what a user types)
> worked astonishingly well.
The most active version seems to be: ( I didn't look too hard.)  The latest
development on this version is from March 2000.

It is originally from University of Calgary by John J. Darragh and Ian Witten.
They have some papers and a book as part of a PhD.  Though there hasn't been
much development by the original developers, since the early 1990s.
Some links:

It would be great if someone wanted to make the prediction code a zsh module so
prediction could be native to zsh.



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Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author