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Re: bash convert: new completion system skeleton?

Felix Rosencrantz <f_rosencrantz@xxxxxxxxx>:

> Not sure why you didn't find it, maybe the dash:
> Home page: 
> http://www.caliban.org/bash/index.shtml#completion

i used the "search OSDN" function on freshmeat, looking for "bash
completion".  this had more than 100 hits, i gave up too early,

> http://freshmeat.net/projects/bashcompletion/?topic_id=253%2C884%2C861

... and i remember such a comment.  then i got distracted with the
problem of FM not recognizing my source-forge UID  :)

> [about reactive keyboard]

> It would be great if someone wanted to make the prediction code a
> zsh module so prediction could be native to zsh.

that would be a very good idea!  of course the one taking a stab at
this should first try it out.  of somebody finds a _portable_
version, i'd be glad to at least report on which predictions return
the most value for the users.  actually, the version i once had was
way too slow, but i think markov-chains are much better suited for
todays XXXX-GHz CPUs otherwise idling away ...


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