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Re: PATCH: xmllint completion

On 19 Feb, you wrote:

> > Thanks, I've added this. We should perhaps clump it together with
> > _xsltproc in an _xmlsoft (any views?). An xmlcatalog completion if/when
> > written could go in there too.
> This sounds like a good idea to me.

Okay, I'll do that then.

> Maybe _webbrowser should be made a 'Type' and named something a little
> more general?

Perhaps. I'd probably have left it as _urls -f but you need separate
functions for nested tag loops to work so it seemed the easiest
solution. Trouble is that _webbrowser is for the most part just used
for a bunch of web browsers, renaming might break someone's own function
and I can't think of a better name (anyone?).


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