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RE: Unicode support in Zle

> I would like to find out whether anyone is working on support for
> typing and editing Unicode characters in the ZLE (using UTF-8).
> I looked at the most recent development versions I could see and
> I didn't notice anything.
> Because I wanted the functionality I have already delved into the code
> to determine the feasibility of doing it without breaking anything.
> I will probably work what I've done already into a patch if indeed
> nobody is already doing this. I expect a first cut of it will be an
> approximately 1200 line patch, mostly to zle_main.c and zle_refresh.c.

I would be happy to join you. Mandrake 9.1 defaulted to UTF-8 on update and
this was immediately visible with Zsh :)

Could you please give short description of your work? There are several
problems associated with mulitbyte locales and switching to UTF does not
magically solve all of them (strictly speaking it solves none without
further work).

Thank you very much for your effort.


P.S. Do you have handy any links for i18n in other shells (bash or any
other) or other text-processing programs? I had them once but lost as it

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