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Re: CVS problems at SourceForge

Bart wrote:
> Ten seconds ago:
> schaefer[521] cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:/cvsroot/zsh cvs up
> cvs [update aborted]: recv() from server cvs.zsh.sourceforge.net: EOF
> I've been getting the same from the spamassassin pserver for the last
> couple of days.
> I rarely have any trouble using the "cvs login" server.

It is probably worth reading what they say at:

Seems that you're hitting a connection cap and that anonymous access now
goes through a backup server that could be up to 24 hours out of date.
Trying the pserver myself (for nedit), I get the same. It sounds to me
like they're making changes at the moment and there's a good chance of
it being fixed.

Are you using the pserver for any reason other than to save yourself the
hassle of typing your password/ssh passphrase? If you're stuck behind a
firewall that is blocking ssh, the daily snapshots are always an

If we move we should make sure that the alternative even offers
anonymous CVS access. I'd also be reluctant to loose the daily snapshots
and ability to download the repository tarball.

Also if we move, it'd be worth reconsidering other things like how we
use the bug tracker or even whether we want to use subversion (which
svn.debian.org - one of Clint's three suggestions would imply).


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