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Re: PATCH: MIME functions

These look good. Makes sense being able to use existing mailcap files.

Peter wrote:

> +Repeated calls to tt(zsh-mime-setup) do not override the existing
> +mapping between suffixes and executable files unless option tt(-r) is
> +given.  Note, however, that this does not override existing suffix

Would -f perhaps be more conventional than -r (for force, as used by
cp, ln etc).

The /etc/mailcap has a lot of crap in it here so it might be nice if
there was an option to specify that the system mailcap should not be
used or to specify an alternate list of mailcap files. Perhaps using
zstyle instead of an option. Could be quite a lot of scope for using
zstyle to override mailcap entires and other configuration.

> +example(
> +  autoload -U pick-web-browser
> +  suffix -s html=pick-web-browser
> +)

That should be:
     alias -s html=pick-web-browser

> +xbrowsers=(mozilla netscape opera)

If you want to add konqueror to this, note that the equivalant to
-remote would be to use something like:

dcop $(dcop|grep konqueror) konqueror default openBrowserWindow $url

And, I hate to whinge but can we not be consistent on coding
style/indentation across scripts in zsh. Completion functions written
by Sven or me all use two spaces.


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