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Re: PATCH: MIME functions

Oliver Kiddle wrote:
> > +Repeated calls to tt(zsh-mime-setup) do not override the existing
> > +mapping between suffixes and executable files unless option tt(-r) is
> > +given.  Note, however, that this does not override existing suffix
> Would -f perhaps be more conventional than -r (for force, as used by
> cp, ln etc).

You're right; the reason for -r was originally I was just going to make
it reset, but I decided there was no point unless it reinitialized, so
-f would make more sense.

> The /etc/mailcap has a lot of crap in it here so it might be nice if
> there was an option to specify that the system mailcap should not be
> used or to specify an alternate list of mailcap files. Perhaps using
> zstyle instead of an option. Could be quite a lot of scope for using
> zstyle to override mailcap entires and other configuration.

Yes, and I think there are plenty of places where utilities stick their
own mailcap files which might or might not be useful.  A style for
the sets for mailcap and mime.types files (maybe the style should be
mime-types for consistency) and possibly browsers would be useful as
well as very easy.  I'll make the styles begin with :mime: unless anyone
has a better idea.

> If you want to add konqueror to this, note that the equivalant to
> -remote would be to use something like:
> dcop $(dcop|grep konqueror) konqueror default openBrowserWindow $url

Yuk.  I'll try this at home.

> And, I hate to whinge but can we not be consistent on coding
> style/indentation across scripts in zsh. Completion functions written
> by Sven or me all use two spaces.

Most of my recent functions seem to use two spaces, too.

I will probably commit the files after another set of changes without
posting them again when I get a chance to fiddle.

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