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[OT] I may be off-list for a while ...

Sadly, the qconfirm for zsh-workers (and I presume zsh-users) appears to
have gone back to requiring confirmation of every message rather than just
every sender, and on top of that sunsite.dk has abruptly resumed blocking
of DSL IPs so I had to go round-about through another account just to send
back the confirmation for my last message.  I'll jump through one more
hoop so you can all see this goodbye, and maybe someone will let me know
when and if sanity is restored.

I'd be willing to make the effort to avoid sending direct through my DSL,
but I don't monitor my home email continuously throughout the day to see
challenges in a timely manner, and even if I did I'm unwilling to spend
time responding repeatedly.  If anyone is interested in a rant about why
challenge-response is a cure worse than the disease, contact me offlist.

With a sigh of resignation,

-- Bart

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author