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Re: [OT] I may be off-list for a while ...

On Sep 26,  8:15pm, Bart Schaefer wrote:
} Sadly, the qconfirm for zsh-workers (and I presume zsh-users) appears to
} have gone back to requiring confirmation of every message rather than just
} every sender, and on top of that sunsite.dk has abruptly resumed blocking
} of DSL IPs

Well ... if this message gets through then the situation is much better
than I presumed and I must apologize for jumping to conclusions.

Claus Alboege, friendly sunsite staffer, apologized for the unintended
change in confirmation policy, says it has been returned to the previous
state, and identified for me which blocklists sunsite is using.  It seems
that one of those lists is spamtrap-based and the last time my DSL was
reset I had the bad luck to get a dynamic IP address previously abused by
a spammer.  Forcing another reset has gotten me back on an IP that isn't
listed.  I'll still look into other mail routing options, but for the
time being everything is hopefully back to normal.

So, I apologize again for posting while feeling persecuted, and will try
to make up for it a little by answering Raul's latest question.

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