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Re: Strange problem with ulimit

[Hmm, I don't seem to have received the first message in this thread.]

On Nov 9,  5:18pm, DervishD wrote:
}  * Davilín <david@xxxxxxxxxxxx> dixit:
} > I noticed that if a script has a bang path with /bin/sh (which in
} > my case points to zsh) the ulimit built-in is not found. Is
} > deliberate to not use some built-ins when zsh in in bash-compatible
} > mode?
}     I can reproduce it here, with zsh 4.0.7. I've took a look at the
} sources, with no success :((

That's because the code in question is in the file "bltinmods.list"
which is generated at configure time and then #include'd by init.c.

The "ulimit" builtin is not a full-fledged builtin -- it's supplied by
the zsh/rlimits module.  Even though that module is normally linked to
the base executable (rather than dynamically loaded), the rule is that
modules have to pass through zmodload before any of their functionality
is available.

Modules are zmodload'd automatically at startup only when the shell is
invoked as zsh.  This is to prevent clashes with command and variable
names used e.g. by "sh" scripts that are expecting a clean namespace.

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