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Re: Status of 4.1.x branch?

Danek Duvall wrote:
> What's the status on a follow-on to 4.1.1?  I'm thinking of pushing for
> 4.1.1 to be integrated into Solaris (to replace 3.0.6 or whatever's
> there currently), because it seems stable enough to be a win over 4.0.x,
> but if there's going to be a new release soon, then I'd like to sit on
> it until then.  (If there's a concern that 4.1.x isn't stable enough yet
> for such a release, then I can push for 4.0.7 instead.)

I think you're (both) right; 4.1 is probably as stable as 4.0, plus gets
more testing from the people writing the internals.  I've been hoping
for improvements in the parameter area, plus at least some basic support
for UTF-8, but there hasn't been anyone to work on that.

I've been planning a maintainance release of both, but it may be time to
dump the fiction that 4.1 is unstable and release 4.2.0 instead.  We
might as well release a 4.0.8 as a final 4.0 for anyone who's happy with
that line.

I'm still not completely happy with the termcap and terminfo modules,
they still seem to be the source of compatibility problems despite a lot
of effort to make them portable.

Plea: We really need someone to do the work making sure all relevant
patches are applied to 4.0.  It's unlikely I'll have time to do it
thoroughly even given lists of potential patches.

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