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Re: Status of 4.1.x branch?

Peter wrote:
> Plea: We really need someone to do the work making sure all relevant
> patches are applied to 4.0.  It's unlikely I'll have time to do it
> thoroughly even given lists of potential patches.

I've gone through the patches I listed in 18976 and applied those which
were relevant. I did go through fairly thoroughly at the time. I've
also applied 17567 (loading compctl when complist is loaded but new
completion not enabled) because it worked when testing on 4.0, it
was asked about recently and it is a bug.

A few turned out to be not applicable or too hard to back port: 18569,
18565 (${(u)..}), 18476 (complist has changed), 18318, 18264 (touched
code for jobs working in subshells). As people mentioned at the time,
users/6421, 17295 and 17175 also are not applicable to 4.0

So that leaves changes since 18976. You might want to check users/6493,
some of 19168, 19167 and perhaps 19105.

Would be good to get a 4.0.8 out and be done with the 4.0 branch. I'm
not going to do any more searching through Changelogs but there probably
isn't much left that I've missed anyway.


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