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Re: Status of 4.1.x branch?

Oliver Kiddle wrote:
> I've gone through the patches I listed in 18976 and applied those which
> were relevant.


> So that leaves changes since 18976. You might want to check users/6493,

The first one ought to be applicable.  I asked for something more
configurable for the second bit but didn't get it.

> some of 19168

We should probably fix the ztrtfime problem

> 19167

Fixes BRACE_CCL with NULLs, should be simple enough

> and perhaps 19105.

Confusion about job control and terminal output.  Hmm... the fix was
short enough but the overall effect wasn't totally obvious.  Still,
nobody's complained.

> Would be good to get a 4.0.8 out and be done with the 4.0 branch. I'm
> not going to do any more searching through Changelogs but there probably
> isn't much left that I've missed anyway.

I would plan to make 4.0.8 and 4.1.2 more or less at the same time,
announcing that the former is expected to be the last release on that
line, and the latter is expected to turn into 4.2.0 with some more
testing.  It was reasonably painless last time.  I don't think either
desperately needs test versions releasing.

After that, 4.1 can turn into pre-release versions of 4.2.

After that, we can stick with 4.2 until we really need to branch.  This
is partly because Oliver keeps getting me on the subject, but actually
he's right that there's no real need to keep a completely separate
development branch at the moment.

If we need to do something quite involved, it would be worth considering
doing it on a private branch rather than create a completely new
development branch --- there just aren't enough of us working on zsh to
make it efficient.

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